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Fun Ideas For A Weekend With Friends
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Fun Ideas For A Weekend With Friends

Weekend is the favorite tune of the week for everyone and that is no secret. After a whole week of slaving away at work, it is the time to put all other obligations aside and do what you live with the people you live. Unlike in the past when you and your friends and all the time in the world to hangout and enjoy each other’s company, now there is too much work and you hardly ever find the time to at least catch up on those glory days. If you finally managed to fix a date and got the OK from everyone, the next step is to determine how you’re going to spend it. Discussed in this article are a few fun-filled activities for you to choose from.  

Go camping  

Step outside the concrete jungle and seclude yourself with the best company in the wilderness of the forest and release the primitive man in you in an adventurous camping trip. You will have plenty of time to converse and enjoy some juicy meat you roasted on your own for dinner, but more importantly, you will learn to make the best use of the supplies you have and get through the session without a scratch and make loads of memories that will last a lifetime. If this is the first time you and your friends are going count, it is advisable to take an experienced individual along with you so they can make sure everything goes according to plan and no one is faced with any serious danger. 

A cycling trip  

Remember how you used to have the best time in your two-wheeled ride just whizzing past the slow metal automobiles in the traffic of the city? Now it’s time to take a similar trio with your buddies, but in a more scenic and adventurous route. Pack your cycle into a transport bike bag and put it in the trunk, pick up all your friends and head to the most ideal location with a curious terrain and a scenic surrounding.  

It is important to make sure you carry as little weight as possible so that you won’t use up too much of your energy trying to peddle a huge weight which can be frustrating. Attach a couple of waterproof bike pannier bags to the sides and pack the essentials such as an emergency medical kit, a water bottle, some carbohydrate rich food and a tool kit for cycle repairs.  

Throw a BBQ party  

Bring back the memories of your college years by throwing a good old-fashioned barbeque party for your pals at your home. This may sound pretty simple compared to the previous two activities, but actually it requires a lot more planning and organizing if you want to pull out a successful gathering. Get the meat requirement sorted out and get your hands on a great BBQ and grilling machine. Delegate the responsibility if bringing the booze to everyone and if you feel obliged to do something in this department, provide the first round of drinks on you. Purchase the other essentials such as cups, BBQ sauce, soft drinks and get the music and the atmosphere ready at least a day before the party to make it a memorable one.  

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